The harsh reality is that caring for natural grass is difficult and can incur long-term financial costs. As an alternative, many people have turned to artificial turf. Sports fans are already aware of the benefits of artificial grass on a game-playing field, and homeowners seeking drought-tolerant landscaping with attractive curb appeal can, too. Artificial turf’s versatility in sporting and residential settings has led experts to project growth in the artificial turf market. According to Globe News Wire, the Global Artificial Turf Market is expected to reach USD of 4.20 billion by 2027. That said, below are the benefits that come with installing an artificial turf lawn or field.

High Versatility

When compared to real grass, artificial grass renders your turf more durable through intense game usage. There’s no downtime for field recuperation. This allows activities and tournaments to be held consecutively, with no gaps in the schedule for field recovery. Artificial grass turfs also allow games to be played sooner following rain, meaning that games can continue as planned with fewer delays and cancellations.

Time Saving

The average person spends a lot of time mowing the grass. That said, with artificial turf, you can have that “new cut” look in your yard without touching a lawnmower. Instead, you can spend that time focusing on hobbies or your family. You won’t have to water or fertilize fake grass because it requires no care. It’ll remain fresh and green while you’re out having fun.

Low Maintenance

Natural grasses are tough to manage due to their continual growth and the fact that they must be watered, fertilized, and weeded out of the field regularly. Artificial grass lacks these characteristics since it does not grow and so does not require frequent cutting or daily watering to keep it alive. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay landscapers to keep your lawn in good condition. Natural grass is costlier to maintain in the long run than artificial grass.

Prevents Weeds and Pests

With artificial grass, you won’t have to fret about weeds and pests in your yard either. A weed-proof barrier is added to inhibit new growth when your turf is installed. Furthermore, pests won’t be a problem because artificial turf lacks the qualities that attract pests in natural grass. Lastly, you can spend time in the yard without interruptions.

Artificial turfs are a worthwhile investment for the above reasons. It saves you time and money and simultaneously improves your curb appeal. Do you need an artificial turf installation for your home? Give us a call today at Vision Turf and Lighting to get it installed by experts!

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