What benefits would I get from having artificial turf?
You can save money by eliminating the need for watering your yard and overspray from sprinklers with Vision Turf & Lighting’s artificial grass. Artificial grass also lasts 20 years or longer with the correct installation methods, site preparation, and the use of infill, according to Bob Vila. Our artificial grass is durable and convenient.
Is artificial turf pet-friendly?
Yes, our turf is pet-friendly. With Vision Turf & Lighting, you can eliminate those yellow spots in your yard and increase your curb appeal with our artificial grass. Vision Turf & Lighting uses a specialty infill that helps curb smells with active enzymes.
What does artificial grass installation include?
Vision Turf & Lighting’s artificial grass takes care of all of the base material, turf, debris removal, sprinkler capping, infill, and labor necessary from quote to clean up. Any existing materials that need to be removed will be taken away. Some cases may require irrigation changes to accommodate existing plants and trees and will be discussed during the estimate.
Am I able to add artificial turf to existing concrete?
Yes, Vision Turf & Lighting can cut the artificial grass with construction adhesive to make it secure and get rid of any unsightly concrete around your home.
How much does artificial turf cost?
The cost of artificial turf replacement depends on variables such as square footage, quality of turf, and more. It also replaces the cost of reseeding your yard, watering, and overspray, as well as eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. Call today for your free artificial grass consultation!
How long will it take for me to get my lawn finished?
After the initial consultation and design, Vision Turf & Lighting is typically finished with your artificial grass installation within 2 weeks from point of sale. You’ll work directly with the owner himself, making your experience more personalized than getting tossed around with a larger company.